The Sword of the Hero

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The Sword of the Hero was used by the Hero to defeat Navillus and seal the demon away beneath the Najar Volcano in 603 NA. Capable of defeating the strongest demons the Sword is certainly the most powerful weapon in all of Gurutama. The Hero has since died and was reanimated as an undead creature by the Grez. While he still wields a sword in this form, it is unknown if it is the same sword he used in his battle beneath the volcano.


The precise origin of the Sword is unknown, however it is widely believed that the Sword was forged around 584 NA by Epith Ektu, a renowned Ranaese sword smith and High Abbot of the Monks of the Gossamer Waves. Hailed as one of the greatest smiths of the Cycle, each blade crafted by Epith Ektu was perfection of form and a transcendent reflection of the receiver's soul.

This claim is disputed by the Metal Dwarves who in turn claim that the Sword was forged by the legendary Dwarf smith Korziak Goussef the Adamantine who lived during the same period. Bearing one of the highest titles ever granted by Dwarf-kind, Korziak is viewed as the only rival in skill to Epith Ektu although his mastery took a different form. It is said that Korziak could work adamantine as if it were gold and that in his forge the metals themselves took life and were transformed into their purest form.

Many other races in Gurutama have legends about the origin of the Sword. While it is accepted that one of the smiths above forged the Sword, stories about the source of the metal, smelting of the ore, and even the wood used for the scabbard are common.


The Sword of the Hero.jpg
A Ranan artist's rendition of the Sword.


The exact style of the Sword is not know, however accounts of the Hero record that he used the blade both in a single hand and in a two handed grip.


While both Epith and Korziak were capable of creating beautiful and ornate pieces, each preferred simply and minimal designs that let the craftsmanship of the blade speak for itself. The Sword of the Hero therefore appears to be simply a mundane albeit finely crafted sword to the untrained eye.


While the powers of the sword are unknown, it is certainly one of the strongest blades ever forged. It is said that the sword only unlocks its full potential when wielded by one who is worthy. Additional magical abilities beyond pure power in combat are told in myths of the Hero, but few of those stories have been verified.

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